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Prieure’s rendez-vous

Because nothing is too much for our clients, Le Prieuré de Boulogne invites you to discover our region with private parties at the hotel. You will find all the upcoming events and more details in the section below.

For more informations, please contact us by phone : +33 (0)2 34 52 04 80 or by mail : contact@leprieuredeboulogne.com

Friday, 14th June at 8PM

We will be tasting “Smoked products and rosé wines” at the hotel Prieuré de Boulogne !

On this occasion, the caterer Les 3 Marchands offers you : little baguette of smoked ham, verrine of peas and smoked rillons, scrambled eggs and smoked venison, goat cheese tartlet with smoked duck breast, smoked salmon workshop, slice of tomato tapenade and smoked pork belly, Smoked scallops on pepper vanilla cream, smoked zander and raw vegetable tartare,
smoked cheese slate, smoked pineapple brown rum syrup, tartlet with chocolate and smoked pear…

And all this accompanied by a tasting of rosé wine.

Prices : 60€ per person
Booking by phone : +33(0)2 34 52 04 80

Le Prieuré de Boulogne 2800 Allée de Boulogne
+33 (0)2 34 52 04 80 contact@leprieuredeboulogne.com