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An exceptional place

The Grandmont Priory of Boulogne

The calm and silence that once prevailed in the heart of the Forest of Boulogne knew how to welcome hermits from the Catholic monastic order of Grandmont. Isolated from all, they came to this place, once known as Prieuré de Notre-Dame, to meditate and practice their faith from 1046 to 1124.

In 1163, this place was renamed Prieuré de Boulogne by the monks of the Grandmont order, who were granted ownership by the Count of Blois, Thibaud V.

Clearly, the Prieuré de Boulogne had a close connection with Chambord, as it jointly designated with the captain of the castle guards certain tenant farmers of the Chambord park, who cultivated agricultural land for rent in exchange for a portion of their harvests.

Before 1671, according to an old plan, the Prieuré had a church, agricultural buildings, a pottery, vineyard plots, magnificent French gardens, a fishpond, and perhaps even aviaries. The Prieuré hinted at a certain luxury characteristic of the Grandmont order.Over time, numerous priests and monks succeeded one another. Poverty, simplicity, and detachment eventually took their toll on this place, causing it to weaken. In fact, the priory experienced a significant decline in its buildings, and the Grandmont order was abolished in 1770.

Costly to renovate, the Prieuré was mortgaged in 1819. The church and the majority of the buildings disappeared, leaving only what served as housing and a refectory as relics.

Since 2018, after two years of renovation, this place has come back to life with the opening of a 4-star hotel ‘Le Prieuré de Boulogne,’ featuring 29 spacious rooms and an event hall.

Since July 2021, this hotel has a restaurant “Le Midoli”.

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