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Anne, owner

The Prieuré de Boulogne is a site steeped in history that deserves to continue its journey through the ages. Today, I aspire to see the hotel and its team evolve in an ambitious and authentic dynamic. Deeply attached to the charm of the region, it was essential for me to create a modern and conservative universe, preserving the spirit of Sologne while safeguarding the surrounding nature.

Thi Thuy, Director

No two days are alike, and it is with dedication that I accompany this hotel and its team. Hospitality is, above all, a vocation of passion. I enjoy listening to each person, giving free rein to ideas, and promoting group cohesion. From my perspective, nothing is more exciting than witnessing the daily evolution of this still relatively new hotel. More projects are on the horizon, and I sincerely hope they will delight our customers.

Elsa, Event planner

Our events come together thanks to a team full of personal richness. Listening and sharing are important values for me, and that’s what motivates me to make each occasion unique and unforgettable for our clientele.

Clémence, Pastry Chef

Nature, calm, local flavors, inspiration…

At Le Prieuré de Boulogne, our 5 senses are awakened. I have always loved working with and in the heart of Nature. It is both inspiring for my sweet creations, soothing for our profession, and filled with positivity. It is essential that our guests can fully live this Nature and Terroir experience during their stay, both in their surroundings and on their plates.

Tiffany, Accommodation Manager

Our hotel provides the opportunity to meet a diverse range of personalities, cultures, and habits. Therefore, understanding and availability are crucial qualities for me to meet all requests. Being naturally committed and patient, I always accompany our clients from their reservation to their departure with a smile.

Tiphaine, Head Waitress

Beyond the position I hold, which I particularly appreciate for its versatility, I enjoy the beautiful and exotic setting that our hotel provides. From the proximity with our local partners for the selection of our wines to the closeness with nature, including the swallows that migrate to us every year, my work offers me daily new and increasingly motivating challenges.

Jennifer, Administrative Secretary 

I enjoy working in the calm and nature that surrounds Le Prieuré. In the hospitality industry for over 10 years, I make it a point of honor to ensure that each of our clients leaves satisfied with their stay.

This new position as a Secretary is a challenge, transitioning from a chambermaid to a secretary, believe me, it’s not easy 🙂 but I won’t let go of the teams on the floors that I will continue to support and train.

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